Friday, August 22, 2014

Maintaining Healthy Skin Is Important

Maintaining healthy skin is important, in addition to avoiding wrinkles also make the skin to keep it beautiful. No wonder so many women spend the money to just go to a salon and taking special care of the skin. That way women will appear bright and clean skin. 

But there are several ways you can do other than go to the salon, this method is fairly simple but requires determination and the intention to do so. 

Here is how to maintain healthy skin: 
  1. Consume water regularly and little by little 
  2. Rest with sleeping seven hours a night 
  3. Avoid direct contact with sunlight 
  4. Limiting foods that contain excessive sugar 
  5. When you shower with warm water should not directly to rinse 
  6. When acne appears on the face, you should not push 
  7. Many smiles, because research says that many smiles can look younger.

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