Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The World's Most Bizarre City

In each country must have a miraculous city in it. Each city usually has a variety of diverse cultures that exist whether it be from a culinary or cultural. But have you ever heard of a city that has put any weirdness in the world? 

If you do not know the strange towns, the following is the list of cities that have oddities in this world: 

Lily Dale City, United States 

The city became a city where most residents magnitude of the paranormal and people who are in touch with the spiritual and otherworldly. The city is located in the State of New York, United States. 

Colma City, United States 

Colma City is located in the State of California, United States. Colma city is famous for the silent city. And many Americans also send the bodies of their relatives to this place.

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