Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jennifer Lopez Glad being single

The Hollywood actress who is familiar with the call j - lo more happy being single. In the past j - lo these many failures - times in a matter of romance. Currently Jennifer reportedly did not want to have a relationship and said, "I'm better being single, being I enjoy this sat and I'm glad in a state like this".

Maybe ill Hait Jennifer account after a breakup has not healed in love with Casper Smart, who reportedly broke up because of cheating. Though the relationship between Jennifer and Casper has been established since October 2011.

Jennifer seems to take time to eliminate his trauma and eventually the member could be spirit to have his love again. He is currently the focus of the child - her son from the thought of romance.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

How to Make Learning Spirit

The spirit of learning is needed to get maximum results from the study. This is the most effective way to learn. But not easy to learn to develop a sense of self, a sense of lazy sometimes present to make the spirit of learning is reduced.

For you as a student would not hurt if you see the following tips on How to Make Learning Spirit.
  1. The existence of strong intention to truly learn.
  2. Hanging out with friends or people who are good and study hard, so that the flavor will diligently towards yourself.
  3. Make your word for that spirit of motivation in learning and paste it in a place that is easy to see.
  4. Do not forget to keep praying to God Almighty.
  5. Make sentence on yourself if feeling lazy start to come so that you will be more motivated to learn.
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Wise Aphorisms Words

  1. Courage is the price you pay to live with a strong and well-established 
  2. A good woman is going to demand to be noticed more, but it will not make him a beggar attention 
  3. Memories still there but do not focus there, you are not living for the memories but for the future with the spirit remains 
  4. Do not think about failure yesterday, because today has been another successful and surely can be achieved as long as the spirit is still embedded in our souls 
  5. Someone does not understand the meaning of success will never perfect without previous failure 
  6. Sense of discipline starts from mastery of the content of the mind 
  7. If you do not start the day with a smile there, yet too late to start the day with a smile tomorrow 
  8. Believe that this day is more beautiful than the day yesterday with a smile 
  9. Women do not like to explain what he wants, but the man who should know what he wants 
  10. Appreciate the feelings of others are very valuable

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Most Clean City in the World

With a clean environment, it can create a comfort there. With a clean place will look beautiful when viewed. But unfortunately in this Indonesian encountered many cities with low levels of hygiene. But did you know that in this world there are cities with a high level of cleanliness? This is caused lack of awareness of its citizens which helps maintain a healthy, just below the Top Cities in the World Net. 

Kobe, Japan 

Kobe is a city in Japan. The city is known to be very clean, because it has the most good drainage. With the system of waste that is not disposed of in the river, which makes the river in the city bersh be fixed. 

Copenhagen, Denmark 

The city becomes the cleanest city in Europe, according to a survey in addition to the existing city is becoming the greenest city in the world. With the awareness of the public who choose to make cycling and walking more and clean this city, this city is not only the use of waste to be energy needs. 

Calgary, Canada 

The town is located in Canada does have good sanitation supported by public awareness is so high. With good waste treatment makes this city has the best level of cleanliness.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Makanan Populer Di Indonesia

Seperti yang kita ketahui bahwa Indonesia memang kaya akan berbagai kuliner yang ada. Masing-masing dari kuliner tersebut memang mempunyai aneka ragam ciri khas tersendiri. Dengan adanya banyak kuliner yang ada membuat banyak warga asing yang ingin mencobanya makanan khas dari berbagai daerah yang ada di Indonesia. Untuk itu berikut adalah makanan populer di Indonesia yang mungkin dapat memberi anda informasi mengenai makanan khas yang ada di Indonesia.

Nasi Goreng

Dengan berbahan dasar nasi dan berbagai rempah yang ada membuat nasi goreng ini menjadi kuliner yang tidak pernah sepi dari para penikmat kuliner.

Soto Betawi

Soto betawi ini kuliner yang berasal dari Jakarta seperti soto Madura dan soto sulung. Soto betawi ini banyak di cari para pecinta kuliner karena penasaran akan rasa yang di milikinya.


Sate merupakan kuliner ketiga yang populer di Indonesia. Banyak sekali macam sate yang ada mulai dari sate khas Madura, khas Blora dan lain sebagainya. Pada umumnya sate ini berbahan daging ayam, sapi atau kambing.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Motivational words Spirit Of Life

  1. If you want to know the past, see the present situation. If you want to see the future, then look at what you are doing now. 
  2. Courage in life is likened kite. If lunge wind will not drop unless fly higher. 
  3. Please be patient for everything it does will initially be difficult before it becomes easy 
  4. Work is love that look 
  5. When you fail and learn from the errors that you have to do that will motivate you to work harder 
  6. Success was indeed require struggle is not easy, to training, to prepare, to strength, and have patience 
  7. As long as we have the determination msaih present in spirit, there is no word late to start a new beginning 
  8. Failure is not to regrettable but to reflect on the intropeksi and revision 
  9. If you want your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up and rise 
  10. Time is very important in this life, so use the time for things that are meaningful and meaningless.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Have an excess of Tomboy girlfriend

Many people would have thought men tomboyish women are women who nag, use casual clothes like men and rarely care about the diet program. And there are many men who like women who are more graceful, delicate, feminine and beautiful wearing a dress or skirt when every meet
But it is not always true, even the existing survey tomboyish women are preferred men for some reason and the proof is some excess tomboy woman who is supposed to make you love and pride. 
  1. The first lady tomboy usually easy to get along with anyone, and do not pick and choose friends. 
  2. Tomboyish women tend not to fuss and nag when hanging out or were invited out by her male friends. And do not bother because tomboyish women more independent and not so spoiled. 
  3. For the problem of eating is usually more flexible when tomboyish women were invited by a male friend. 
  4. In matters of appearance is usually not too excited tomboyish woman with makeup or clothes there. In addition, in matters of dress tomboyish woman did not take too long. 
  5. And the latter is not too mysterious woman tomboy and tends to what is and is open to anyone. And the most prominent of these is more tomboyish woman was telling the truth when answering something.

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Ide Dekorasi Rumah memang harus di pilih dengan baik dan benar. Apalagi ketika anda akan mendekorasi rumah, maka anda perlu memikirkan pilihan furniture beserta warna yang akan di gunakan. Selain itu warna yang ada pada furniture berpengaruh dengan warna dinding rumah anda. 

Untuk masalah kamar tidur anda harus mengaplikasikannya dengan warna yang tepat agar menimbulkan efek warna yang halus dan baik. Bagi anda yang menyukai hal yang bersifat lebih alami anda dapat memilih warna hijau pada dinding rumah, dan warna hijau cerah adalah ide bagus. Selain itu anda juga dapat memilih perabotan yang berasal dari kayu untuk menambah kesan alami pada rumah anda. Agar ruangan menjadi lebh hidup beberapa vas bunga dapat anda aplikasikan ke dalam ruangan anda atau kamar anda. 

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