Monday, September 8, 2014

Wise Aphorisms Words

  1. Courage is the price you pay to live with a strong and well-established 
  2. A good woman is going to demand to be noticed more, but it will not make him a beggar attention 
  3. Memories still there but do not focus there, you are not living for the memories but for the future with the spirit remains 
  4. Do not think about failure yesterday, because today has been another successful and surely can be achieved as long as the spirit is still embedded in our souls 
  5. Someone does not understand the meaning of success will never perfect without previous failure 
  6. Sense of discipline starts from mastery of the content of the mind 
  7. If you do not start the day with a smile there, yet too late to start the day with a smile tomorrow 
  8. Believe that this day is more beautiful than the day yesterday with a smile 
  9. Women do not like to explain what he wants, but the man who should know what he wants 
  10. Appreciate the feelings of others are very valuable

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