Monday, September 1, 2014

Have an excess of Tomboy girlfriend

Many people would have thought men tomboyish women are women who nag, use casual clothes like men and rarely care about the diet program. And there are many men who like women who are more graceful, delicate, feminine and beautiful wearing a dress or skirt when every meet
But it is not always true, even the existing survey tomboyish women are preferred men for some reason and the proof is some excess tomboy woman who is supposed to make you love and pride. 
  1. The first lady tomboy usually easy to get along with anyone, and do not pick and choose friends. 
  2. Tomboyish women tend not to fuss and nag when hanging out or were invited out by her male friends. And do not bother because tomboyish women more independent and not so spoiled. 
  3. For the problem of eating is usually more flexible when tomboyish women were invited by a male friend. 
  4. In matters of appearance is usually not too excited tomboyish woman with makeup or clothes there. In addition, in matters of dress tomboyish woman did not take too long. 
  5. And the latter is not too mysterious woman tomboy and tends to what is and is open to anyone. And the most prominent of these is more tomboyish woman was telling the truth when answering something.

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