Saturday, September 6, 2014

Most Clean City in the World

With a clean environment, it can create a comfort there. With a clean place will look beautiful when viewed. But unfortunately in this Indonesian encountered many cities with low levels of hygiene. But did you know that in this world there are cities with a high level of cleanliness? This is caused lack of awareness of its citizens which helps maintain a healthy, just below the Top Cities in the World Net. 

Kobe, Japan 

Kobe is a city in Japan. The city is known to be very clean, because it has the most good drainage. With the system of waste that is not disposed of in the river, which makes the river in the city bersh be fixed. 

Copenhagen, Denmark 

The city becomes the cleanest city in Europe, according to a survey in addition to the existing city is becoming the greenest city in the world. With the awareness of the public who choose to make cycling and walking more and clean this city, this city is not only the use of waste to be energy needs. 

Calgary, Canada 

The town is located in Canada does have good sanitation supported by public awareness is so high. With good waste treatment makes this city has the best level of cleanliness.

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