Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unique nature of Women

Women are different from men created, which distinguishes men and women are in the uniqueness that women have. And this time talking about what the unique nature which is owned by women. To note that the following is a unique fact about women: 
  1. Women do not like men who are rude and rough talk. 
  2. Women know more about how to control her emotions. 
  3. Women do like romantic surprises especially from a man who in loved. 
  4. Women are more like shopping. 
  5. In the case of women it is easier to forgive forgive but hard to forget. 
  6. It turns out that women like when stroked her hair and spoiled like an animal in the cat. 
  7. In terms of romance women prefer men who loved him sincerely.

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Resep Dapur

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