Friday, August 22, 2014

Words of Crap for Seducing Women

The word romantic is currently the favorite by many in the teens, it's not only for couples who are in the word lovesick romantic indeed in need. For it this time talking about a romantic word or words modern term rag handy to seduce the hearts of women. Watch and read romantic words following:
  1. Weekend day of the week if our love never end
  2. scary once you!! make me afraid of losing you
  3. if you do so then I'm the light.
  4. bright moon brighter when you smile
  5. maybe I'm blind to see other women besides yourself. I love you
  6. I malmm where guns where in addition to your heart
  7. sweetness of chocolate is sweeter if you laugh happy
  8. I willingly in prison as long as it can steal your heart

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